In 2009, a wonderful period of my life came to a close. Having served as priest for nine years, I realized it was time to move on. So I packed my bags, left Rome and moved to Barcelona. Uncertain of what I’d do next, I began soul-searching, and at every turn the same question came up:

How can we do what we do with less effort and more results?

Underlying this question was my passion to help people work together in an effective and fulfilling way. A plan emerged: A master’s in Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence Training and turn passion into profession. At first, I was convinced my past as a priest had little to offer to non-religious environments such as a the workplace.

The feedback indicated otherwise, my experience leading communities, accompanying terminal patients and assisting prisoners is a valuable resource to help individuals perform as a team. And my academic background in philosophy, theology, psychology and philology lends surprising insight to today’s workplace challenges.

Continually, I draw on this experience to help organizations improve team performance.

I make people better team players by tuning their ability to work together, fixing communication glitches and developing personal growth and well-being. I believe in our inner power to grow, in fun as a catalyst of growth, and in care as core ingredient of any meaningful relationship.

I collaborate with IESE Buisiness School and offer effective team-playing workshops, leadership coaching, keynote speeches and conflict mediation in English, Spanish and Portuguese mainly to international brands including Citibank, Ebay, Henkel, HP, and Paypal.

And my book on how to give and receive feedback will be out soon!

 «I’ve rarely seen such a passionate speaker and facilitator. Tobias nailed it with an outstanding performance.» – Pascal Endres, 3D Printing Competence Engineer


«Enthusiastically invaded by a new approach to day-to-day situations, we explored a toolbox we did not know existed.» – Roberto Medeiros, Air Traffic Controller Supervisor


«Tobias has the DNA of good communication: clear, direct and practical. We all had the same impression: Excellent!» – Ignacio Sala Amat, Co-founder