• «I recommend Tobias to anyone who wants to boost collaboration in their team or get people talking transparently. My team left empowered to get their voice heard. His unique, informal style puts us at ease. LOTS of fun!» Lynsey Douglas, Head of Talent Acquisition


  • «Every time it’s unique and extremely impactful in terms of engagement and productivity. Tobias has the ability to truly understands the needs of people. Energy. Enthusiasm. Professionalism. So satisfied we’re working with him long term.» Alvaro Duarte, VP


  • «Tobias’ unconventional approach was a great motivation exercise. This workshop was a mental spa that comes with a long term scent of self-awareness and empowerment. He helps us improve oneself, relationships and performance.» Winkie Choi, CTP Treasury


  • «Tobias quickly understood my objectives, provided great insights and translated my needs in the planning process. He helped me simplify the messages I wanted to convey for the big event. I never felt so in charge of a strategic meeting.» Zsuzsanna Ferenczi, Marketing Dir.


  • «Tobias is an excellent communicator, a highly prepared and qualified professional. During the entire negotiation techniques training, he kept our highest level of attention and interest.» Rui Salgueiro Alves, Customer Service & Business Development


  • «A creative and practical approach. A superlative delivery. From basic concepts to practical exercises, I learnt more about Conflict Resolution than I ever expected. So much fun! Tobias brings passion and energy to everything.» Ana Villar, Head of Quality Management


  • «Tobias has a wealth of experience in Conflict Management. His excellent communication style meant the seminar was rewarding. Many lessons and practical tips to take away, and we had the opportunity to practice what we learned. Great fun!» Peter McKenzie, Operations Director




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Whether stuck on a problem or tackling the next challenge, I take teams to the next level. I develop the mindset and skills that allow a) teams to perform better and b) individuals to achieve greater fulfillment. I train them to produce outstanding results and create authentic relationships.

Without the right people and the right culture, your business has no future. Without talented teams that actually get along, you’ll never see their best work. Without collaborative processes that work, determination fades and execution fails. Eventually, the ship sinks.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can retain talent, take full advantage of potential and maximize execution, while saving time, energy and resources. Dreaming of dynamic teams alone won’t do it. You got to build them. I show you how:


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