My Live TV Interview

On September 21st, I was interviewed live on the Goucha TV show in Portugal. Here’s the link to the full conversation. We talked for about fifty minutes. Spoiler! I kind of break protocol at the end. It was an amazing experience. At all times I felt taken care of by the folks at TVI. Thank you!

Here are a few of my learnings: 

– Questions asked before are not necessarily questions asked during. The purpose of many of the questions I was asked beforehand was to help Goucha get to know me better so that we could have a better conversation. Many of the things we talked about were not addressed before the interview. 

– Surprises happen and emotions run high. It was stunning to see how comfortable Goucha was on set. Not the same for me. I did not know that they had contacted my family and friends to send a video about what I mean to them. Even my daughter, Irene, recorded one! It totally caught me off guard. It made me relax and show my authentic self. But it also made me very emotional and slightly less focussed, which leads to my third point.

– When you think you’ve prepared enough, prepare some more. Given the improvised nature of the conversation and its emotional tone, when Goucha asked about my work building badass teams in companies, I was so “high” that I did not say what I had prepared. Instead, what came out of my mouth was something generic and short of the beautiful work teams accomplish. I had been told several times: “Prepare your key points well”. I thought I had. Clearly not enough. 😉

All in all, if all live conversations on TV unfold like this one, I’m eager to go back. 🙂

Love to hear your impressions…

Without an Open Mind…

Tomorrow I’ll be live on the Goucha TV show in Portugal. Manuel Luís Goucha is one of Portugal’s most notorious presenters. He is a unique conversationalist who has his guests share life stories.

I’ll let you know how it goes. As for now, I’m a little nervous. But the preparation has also had me reflecting. Here’s a thought: Without an open mind, our heart cannot grow.

So I’m also feeling grateful to have been surrounded along the way by many people who have help me keep an open mind so that my heart could continue growing to face and embrace what life sent my way. To them, thank you!

Wish me luck.