Let’em Rock The House

The room is packed — over four hundred hungry hearts. The excitement has visibly surfaced on the expectant faces of untamed smiles and craving eyes. Silence… Silence… Then a loud, proud and potent “HELLOOOO…” and the crowd bursts into an eruption of euphoria.

It was the official opening of the Toastmasters District 59 Spring Conference. Three intense days of speaking, of connecting, of sharing. And it was A BLAST. Believe me… I was there.

Many elements contributed to the huge success of the event. I’ll mention just one: the secret to organizing and moderating events like these.


How can we tell apart good event organizers and moderators


from the truly great ones?


Great event organizers and moderators are like light. The purpose of light is not to be looked at, but to make the surroundings shine.

No one stares into the light. And if someone shoves an intense beam of light straight into your eyes, what would you do? Exactly. Like light, the purpose of great organizers and moderators is to work so that others may shine: the participants, the speakers, the guests.

I gave a workshop at the event and can testify first hand that that is how the team and moderators worked throughout the entire conference.

Their aim was not to shine under the spotlight. Nop. Their attitude was to be the spotlight and give it all, which included a persevering sincere smile of availability.

And all that so that when the time came for us to burst onto the stage, we could rock the house. And so we did. That wouldn’t have been possible without the sensitive team light of organizers and moderators. Thank you! Chapeau!!

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